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Continuing from my last blog post. Although my mom had always wanted to go to Disney early, counting the delay of dressing and the fact that you had to go away from Disney to get to disney it delayed us an hour 30 minutes. Mom had said  that the reason she wanted to get us out of there early is that it was always packed. But if you got there before the ticket booths opened you could get a head start on the rides with a longer wait. That is what we tried to to but we did not make it in time. But it was no loss. Everything is Disney too. On the Disney train to the Disney places, the handles and windows were shaped like Mickey Mouse heads. When we got there we oohed and aahed over the awesome costumes and dresses we saw.

a perry the plytapus spokeswomen

 Then we went to the Tower of Terror to get fastpasses for it. Having done that we went over to the Journey to the center of the Earth. Sadly, halfway through the wait the ride was cancelled for reasons why I myself do not know. For makeup, the staff gave us priority fastpass tickets. Then since it was raining like crazy and we did not have the foresight (another thing we did not have foresight for is the rain dose not stop the japnise from going to disnyland!) to get another umbrella when we had the chance. Because of the rain and because we were on mysterious island, witch is right next to 20,000 leagues under the sea ride. It was almost no wait and was right next to the Journey to the center of the earth ride. once we were done with 20000 leagues under the sea, We got another umbrella, now we have two disney umbrellas, one red and one blue. Then we went off to the Tower of Terror. The Tower is scary and my sister is still scared by it, two weeks after. Me too. The story is that there is a rich explorer who finds all sorts of artifacts and finally comes across the cursed idol. This was explained before the ride…in Japanese. But we sort of gathered the story from the stuff that was around us. Then the guide led us to a room where there was a stained glass window with the explorer and a few of his most treasured treasures(the idol was among these treasures) and a desk. Then the door closed and the idol began to speak in Japanese and the window flashed green and the explorere was holding the idol with a look of horror. The glass window was no longer beautiful. Another flash of green and the man went into the mansion in the window and a green light was pulsing up the side of the building. There was a flash, a scream, then silence. Then the idol grinned at us a toothy, creepy grin then vanished. Then, whimpering, and saying we did not want to go on the ride we were sheperded into an elevator thing with seats in it. The doors closed and we went backwards suddenly. Then we went up. The place we saw was a room where we saw the idol electrocute the explorer, turn towards us and grin. The lights went out but his eyes still shone like two poisonous points of green stars. Then more green stars popped up and we went up again. There was a mirror and we waved to ourselves, but then we disappeared one by one and heard a laugh again. We got the message. We were going to die. And then we plunged and we all erupted in screams. The ride went up, then plunged down, then up and down over and over. some parts I tried to steady myself and then others I gave into the terror. Soon it was over and we were miraculously alive. Now I know what falling off a mountain feels like…the Tower of Terror!

us at the hotel high tower. No the tower of teror!

After that and a little bit of debate we made our way over to lunch. We found out that the line was at it’s longest and Mom had told us the Japanese eat always at noon it was completely crowded. We went off to eat somewhere else a litle bit after lunch. Then we went to the castle. The castle was life sized. When I was led into the arched gateway I was amazed by the courtyard.(it was just a courtyard but I was in a castle!) At first I was disappointed because there wasn’t much there until mom pointed out a sign that said Da vinci challenge. It was a kind of mystery that we had to find the clues in the castle. Through our haze of excitement we did not consider the possibility that it was all in Japanese. It was all in Japanese. Then when that sad news was borne to us, our excitedment was sucked out. But after a moment of looking for another thing to do our excitement was rekindled more than ever. Mom had seen a sign that we could explore the castle. I ran up the battlements. At the top I turned right. And waited for my mom and sister to catch up. Then we explored the rest of the castle, going over the gateway and going up a tower, explaining about arrow slits to mom and then after that finding cannons! Although not the actual thing. When you pulled the fuse it hissed a little then the hissing was replaced by a loud boom! After playing with the cannons and tyring to synchronize them all we decided to explore more of the castle. As soon turning 11 year old, I was was excited by every little thing. One of my favorite rooms in the castle was, where there was a giant solar system and you turned one of the giant wheels around it and the planet would move around the sun. Also on the ceiling was the night sky and finally on the walls were fun and quirky diagrams. A bit more of exploration yielded an alchemist’s lab with fire and a bubbling cauldron, a camera obscura, a pendulum clock, and a 3-D room. Lastly there was a boat room where you could put in 100 yen to control the boat on the small lake. Me and my sister and mom. did it for a little then we decided to go eat lunch.

panorama of the castle and my sister and mom

For lunch, instead of the place we knew was good and becuase we are vegetarian we went to a place that had pizza. When mom sees a sign that says pizza she assumes that there is just cheese pizza. But no. The only thing that we were able to eat there was french fries. After that we decided to go to the Indiana jones ride. For soem reason the Japanese never use single rider. Luckily we do and skipped through the two hour long wait in a minute. Although the ride was a lot like the other Indiana Jones ride in california it was still fun ducking under the giant laser beams that the skull threw at you. Once we had finsihed the ride, we made our way over to the arabian castle section and did the two rides there, a two story carosuel and a sinbad boat ride. Finally when we were done with that we went over to the other side of mysterious island to get our disney themed garb. Mom got a black and gold polka dot minnie bow and a sully headband, lu got a tigger headband because tiggers are wonderful tings and a minnie mouse bow. I got a stitch hat and a pair of green alien socks.

  •  Then our day was almost over. After a few nameless things we sat down at the roosevelt lounge. After that we went home. Boy were we tired and hungry. We had basically ate a Mcdonald’s lunch with frieds times 4, caeser salad times one, cheese with bread times two and little desserts times 4. Sounds like one of those Mc Pick two things. Luckily when we got home thanks to our amazing dad because we moved apartments that day and he had to bring our four heavy bags across tokyo he made us some ramen and got us some bread to eat. By that time we were ready to go to bed and start another blog post.

The end!!



stich holds the world ! aka: me in a stich hat  

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