Maori Cloaks

The pake is a cloak of Maori people and this is the original of something I’m going to talk about later in this blog post. The raincloak is thought to protect you from weather. The name of the thing I’m going to talk about later is the evening cloak. The rain cloak was made in winter and could be used as a skirt or shawl. The Maori made these out of twisted cords. 
The evening cloak is a decorative cloak that doesn’t protect you. This is something an artist made in a museum so it’s nothing I should criticize about but I really like it I have to say. I chose the evening cloak because it was not just the coolest looking it looked like that most people would wear it in a parade or something or a party or festivals and festivals are usually night when they light fires. The evening cloak is all black and it looks like there are spikes on it. I think the Maori people would have worn this as decoration but not out in the rain. 


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