New Zealand so far

So, on the first day we sort of spent our time walking around and going to this breakfast place called the scarecrow. I got some fruit salad! Yum yum! And then we sort of went round the sky tower and then we took a long tine to get to our hotel and I was sort of complaining since I just wanted to relax. Once we got to our hotel we had to wait a little while until the he person came down for us.Then we stayed there for a night. When we woke up we packed a little and then we started going again. We went around the city, we walked to the car rental place which seemed like 100 miles. And then we started driving back to our hotel and to get all our stuff. Then here’s the funny part,when mom and I were in the car when dad and brother were getting our stuff, dad had been in Starbucks before writing his blog post and had texted mom and we just got the text then! And then we started to go to Coromandel but along the way we stopped at Thames and we tried to eat there but somebody told us to go over there.Well,we sort of ate there but in the car.We went to another place and played there a little. Then we had a hike too. Then we went to Coromandel and we decided to go to the hot beach area instead. And I’ll do a little blog post on the museum we went to in Auckland also. 


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