Pest Patrol!

In Bali I have notice cats walking around and catching mice and I call this Pest Patrol! They don’t kill the cats because they are sacred in Bali. 

So you are probably wondering what pest patrol is. Pest patrol is cats doing patrol to see if there are any pest around. Do you know what any of those pest are? The pests are mice! You are probably wondering why they need pest patrol. They need it because if too many mice come, they might make a problem. 😬 The problem they make is that, if it’s a restaurant, if the mice get in they could gobble up all the food. But if the cats get the mice, they are gone. Or, if mice go into clothes stores, they could nibble on the clothes or make holes or dents in the products they might sell. 
The cats are usuallly skinny with a long skinny tail that curves up a little. And they are mostly black and white. Unlike Bobby, who is my friend’s cat at home in Denver, these cats in Bali have long tails. Bobby was born without a tail. And Peeps, the other cat of my friends, is all black, but is chubby. No offense to Peeps. 

How do we control pests at home? We usually just set out mouse traps, but I don’t know about everybody else. And, we don’t get many mice either.

I feel like this is a good but also a bad idea. It’s good because it’s good for all the Bali people so that they can sell their stuff and not have to be poor. But it’s bad for all the people who are allergic to cats. 


Croc tour

Croc tour
When we went on a croc tour we saw all these crocs jump.

So a croc tour is like when you on a little blue boat, there’s also a bigger one but we’re talking about the small one today and where the people guides feed the crocodiles and when they’re feeding them they make them jump and tempt them a few times and then finally let them eat it. And you’re probably wondering, what type of crocs live in the green algae water? There’s both types of crocs in the river: saltwater and freshwater crocs. The difference between saltwater and freshwater crocs is the freshwater will always run away from you and the saltwater will come and eat you. Well most of the time. But if you try to run off in a zig zag they will fall off balance and not chase you. You’re probably wondering about how I felt when I saw the crocodiles jump.

 There’s many reasons to be scared of crocodiles, but here’s my opinion. Well I was scared because there were tons of crocs and I know how dangerous they are. And they also fed buffalo meat to the crocodiles. I think it’s one of their main things to eat. Did you know that crocodiles were born in tall grasses? Male crocs grow slowly their whole entire life. 

The moon

A swag is a tent but it’s actually just like a little bag that you sleep in and it’s really nice. You could sleep in it like a tent or sleep it out in the open and it’s much better in the winter since there’s no scorpions or snakes. When we slept in our swags I was up most of the night so I got to see the moon and the stars. I will tell you about them. Sometimes the moon was surrounded by clouds and sometimes I would pop out of my swag and look into the moon and see it surrounded by clouds and the clouds were moving so fast it looked like the moon was moving but it was staying in the same spot. And when I was up late I was up reading but sometimes I fell asleep like once or twice and that gave me enough sleep to get through the day. 

Here are three facts about the moon:

1. The moon is like this plain ball and it doesn’t light up one bit but the sun reflects off any position it is and that is how the moon shines

2. The moon is made made out of Quartz, aluminum oxide and lime and four other things I picked the top mass thing. It’s mostly made out of Quartz 45.5%. 

3. The second full moon of a month is called a blue moon.


When we were at the rainforest, Mom spotted a cassowary! It was the coolest thing ever! We stayed our distance and some people were way too close. When I saw the cassowary I felt excited and glad. You probably want to know why I am glad because it is rare to see. And these are some facts about the cassowary. 1. They’re the most dangerous bird in Australia because it has an inner claw that is a foot long. 2. It’s food is berries and plants.  3. They are flightless.
And after that we went to get ice cream. My friends would like the vines in the rainforest because you could climb the vines and see the rainforest.



(not my picture)



The Black Sand Beaches and the Playground

When we went to the black sand beach area, we found this amazing American ninja warrior play set. There was some logs you had to step on, some things you had to balance on and had to climb. And there was a twisty thing, monkey bars and stuff like that. It was this little loop which was fun and also a little dangerous too. Mom wasn’t going to let us play on it but dad said we could and I am so glad of it!! But we couldn’t go back in the morning. 😭😭

Black sand
One type of black sand is made near volcanic explosions like places near the Ring of Fire. The other type of black sand is made out of fine grains and minerals. In New Zealand, we were on a Black Sand beach but it was the one made from the volcanic explosion. 
They had tools to separate the black sand from the other minerals and they used it by using a magnetic thing because there is iron in the black sand. 


Maori Cloaks

The pake is a cloak of Maori people and this is the original of something I’m going to talk about later in this blog post. The raincloak is thought to protect you from weather. The name of the thing I’m going to talk about later is the evening cloak. The rain cloak was made in winter and could be used as a skirt or shawl. The Maori made these out of twisted cords. 
The evening cloak is a decorative cloak that doesn’t protect you. This is something an artist made in a museum so it’s nothing I should criticize about but I really like it I have to say. I chose the evening cloak because it was not just the coolest looking it looked like that most people would wear it in a parade or something or a party or festivals and festivals are usually night when they light fires. The evening cloak is all black and it looks like there are spikes on it. I think the Maori people would have worn this as decoration but not out in the rain. 


New Zealand so far

So, on the first day we sort of spent our time walking around and going to this breakfast place called the scarecrow. I got some fruit salad! Yum yum! And then we sort of went round the sky tower and then we took a long tine to get to our hotel and I was sort of complaining since I just wanted to relax. Once we got to our hotel we had to wait a little while until the he person came down for us.Then we stayed there for a night. When we woke up we packed a little and then we started going again. We went around the city, we walked to the car rental place which seemed like 100 miles. And then we started driving back to our hotel and to get all our stuff. Then here’s the funny part,when mom and I were in the car when dad and brother were getting our stuff, dad had been in Starbucks before writing his blog post and had texted mom and we just got the text then! And then we started to go to Coromandel but along the way we stopped at Thames and we tried to eat there but somebody told us to go over there.Well,we sort of ate there but in the car.We went to another place and played there a little. Then we had a hike too. Then we went to Coromandel and we decided to go to the hot beach area instead. And I’ll do a little blog post on the museum we went to in Auckland also.